Summary – Free and Easy (Siem Reap Tour)

Exploring the kingdom of Cambodia
We made it back to Singapore, with 5 fruitfull days in Cambodia. Covered most of the temples in Siem Reap as per our planned itinerary, got to know the people, their cultures, rich and powerful history of Cambodia. I’d call it a pretty successful trip.

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Angkor Wat Temple

We missed out on the SGD196 hotdeals from Silk Air and had to pay SGD254 each for the two-way tickets + insurance (excluding the Siem Reap departure tax USD25/pax). Flight from Singapore to Siem Reap is about two and a half hours. I knocked out after the meal and a bottle of wine served by Silk Air. I was woken up by the reflection of the sunlight from the paddy field shone into my eyes. Through the window of the jet, I realized we had entered into the boundary of Cambodia!

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Siem Reap International Airport

Siem Reap/Angkor International Airport unlike other airports that I had been to, the resort style lookalike felt like unparalleled comforts and amenities. We passed through the check point without much hassle.

Quick tips: Entry VISA can be apply upon arrival. Except for the citizen of Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam, all visitor need a visa to enter Cambodia. For those who required a VISA, you need to have USD25 in cash and one passport photo to accompany the VISA application.

Silk Airbus A320

Climbing up and down the stairs, walking and hopping on and off the streets became our daily routine in Cambodia, but no worries… Khmer masseuses are very well known to rub off the tiredness away from us.

Beside the enriching tours to the temples, we went to a village where houses were built on the river – Kampong Phluk. On the last day of our trip, we had the chance to laze in bed a little longer before starting off for our paddy fields ATV ride.

There are a lot of restaurants along the Pub Street area, I personally like the food at Khmer Kitchen Restaurant best, which explained why we have been there twice out of 5 dinners in Siem Reap. After this trip, seeing the people in Cambodia (especially children), I believe, most of us have a new perspective of life…

Five of us was given the rating to the activities that we have done, things we have seen and tried in Cambodia. Feel free to browse though the details of our trip:~

Flight – Silk Air
Accommodation – The Villa Siem Reap (guesthouse)
Local temple guide – Samreth (former teacher, recommended by traveler who hired him before)

Cambodia’s Trip Itinerary

DAY 1 Changi International Airport to Siem Reap International Airport. (Free TUK TUK transfer from Airport to The Villa). Exploring Siem Reap town after checked in to guesthouse (Old Market). Nightlife of Siem Reap at “Pub Street”. Two best and noisiest nightlife places on this street are The Angkor What? (the area’s nightlife pioneer) and The Temple Club, a full-on dance affair – the Temple Club is complemented by the Temple Bar a few doors down. Others pubs nearby Easy Speaking Café and Pub, Buddha Lounge, Linga Bar, Red Piano Bar, Ivy Bar and etc.
Day 2
Visit Kampong Phluk village (floating village) + boat ride and Beng Mealea (the Jungle temple).
Day 3
visit the Roluos group {Preah Ko (879AD), Bakong (881) and Lolei (893)}, Pre Rup (961), East Mebon (952), Banteay Srei (967) and Banteay Samre (967)
Taprohm + Prasat Kravan
Day 4
Sunrise at Angkor Wat, visit Angkor Thom (Bayon, the Elephant Terrace, the Royal Enclosure). If time permitted, may include the places like Preah Khan, Takeo, Chau Say Tevoda, Thammanon for today.
Day 5 ATV ride
Home sweet home


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