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(Day 4) Thailand Chiang Mai – Descend From Lahu Village/White Water Rafting

After witnessing the beautiful sunrise from the top of the hill at Lahu village, we had our breakfast in an atmosphere with voice of nature.

Breakfast was prepared by our trekking guide

Around 930AM we descended from the primitive hut heading to a waterfall which took us about 1.5 hours into the middle of the jungle.

The waterfall in the middle of the jungle

Continue trekking for about 2 hours to the raft station at the bottom of the hill. We started about an hour of whitewater rafting along the Mae Taeng river. Passing through different rapids, then followed by about 20 minutes of relaxing bamboo raft. No picture was taken for those activities, I still remember what our guide said: “Waterproof is not enough, make sure your camera comes with “LOST” proof if you want to bring it along for the raft”. LOL!

Some instructions on paddling and river safety brief was given before the activity starts. The whitewater rafting at Mae Taeng river classified as Grade 3 according to our raft guide. After the completion of river adventures, we stopped for lunch and changed before return back to Chiang Mai city.

That is how we squeeze in the Tuk Tuk truck cabin

The first thing that we do when we reached Chiang Mai city – Thai traditional  massage! We paid 120baht for an hour of massage at Sabai massage parlor.

A market located near Thapae


Check in to a local Guesshouse – Ping Phu Place

Website: www.pingphuplace.com

Contact: 08-0269-9988


Sunday Market
The Sunday market in Chiang Mai is also known as the weekend market or walking street market operating from late afternoon to midnight . There are different stalls along the both side of the street with variety of local crafts, foodstuffs and clothing, the price sold was reasonable! Market starts at Thapae Gate and runs along the length of Ratchadamnoen Road through the heart of the Old City and has become a Chiang Mai institution.

One of the must try Thai food – Spicy pork balls

Some arts and handmade stuffs selling in the market


Local Pub
A local drinking place where only Thai whiskey are allowed to be consumed in the pub, we ordered a whiskey called Sangsom and mixer set coke and ice. A nice place to chilling with a group of friends enjoy eating snacks, listening music and of course drinking! We was told by our friend Peng, only the people with tattoos and ear piercing can work in the pubs.

Snapshot with Sangsom (local whiskey)

Snacks go with the drinks – Shiok!

Vics and Peng

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  1. 1 Firti on March 1, 2012 3:19 pm

    Oh yes, I have been to Chiangmai twice this year, and will be going there next month. We were lucky that the International Flower Show and La Krathong evetns happened simultaneously. We did visit the night market just next to the Tapae Gate. It is unbelievable we had to walk for nearly 3-4 kms from one end to the other. Its full of people and lots of bargains. We couldnt help indulging ourselves in getting cheap foot massages along the footpaths. Things are dearth cheap. Lots of arty farty thingies to choose from.For those who have not experience this before, it has to be a must go so that next time, when you talk to your mates about Chiangmai, at least, you can say, been there and done that. Finally, its pretty safe at the night market.Cheerskenneth coeNew Zealand

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