Nov 11

(Summary and Itinerary) Thailand Chiang Mai

A Free and Easy trip to Chiang Mai together with my brothers to witness the Thailand famous Loy Krathong festive held every November, the second coolest thing that we do other than Loy Krathong festival was Lahu village. Lahu village is a hill tribe settlement up in the lush green hills between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, where took us about 3 hours to hike up to the top of the hill from Shan Village Elephant Camp.

Loy Krathong parade at Chiang Mai city


Sunrises at Lahu Village

What make our trip unforgettable was the nice scenic view, the friendly people and the foods especially the steamboat meal that we had beside the river together with our local’s friend Peng’s family! I would say this is a pretty successful trip in Chiang Mai!


Day 1 (10 Nov, Thursday)
• Chiang Mai City – Loy Krathong Parade
• Local pubs – Infinity

Day 2 (11 Nov, Friday)
• Half Day Temple Tour
• Chiang Mai City Main Loy Krathong Parade
• Steamboat Dinner – Local River Side Restaurant

Day 3 (12 Nov, Saturday) 2 Days Local Tour
• Eco Agricultural Hilltribes Village
• Long-necked Tribe Village
• Shan Village Elephant Camp
• Trekking to La Hu Village
• One Night at La Hu Village – Hill Tribe House Accommodation

Day 4 (13 Nov, Sunday) Continue 2 Days Local Tour
• Descend From La Hu Village
• Waterfall
• White Water Rafting
• Chiang Mai City
• Sunday Market
• Local Pubs (Only Thai Whiskey)

Day 5 (14 Nov, Monday)
• One Day Tour (Temple, Palace, Tribe Museum)
• Monkey Club

Day 6 (15 Nov, Tuesday)
• Home Sweet Home

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