Oct 11

Preparation for Australia Trip


Air Ticket

Qantas Airlines
Remember book for Multi-City flight to return from Adelaide instead of Melbourne and get a cheaper fare. Meal included during our flight with Qantas. Yumyum~!

Online tickets booking: Add a trip break between Melbourne and Adelaide – a break where we make arrangements by land and sea only.

Emergency exit row: Seating in an emergency row giving you more legroom and more comfortable, Qantas safety policy requires that passangers seated in an emergency row must be willing to assist in an emergency, at least 15 year old and above, have good sight to check outside conditions and hearing to react to crew commands and etc.

Qantas airline emergency exit row


VISA application

Electronic Travel Authority
If you are planning a holiday visit or a short business trip to Australia, you will need to apply for either a visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). An ETA will let you spend up to three months in Australia. For Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and US passport holder only eligible to apply for an ETA while you are outside of Australia.


Travel insurance

To protect ourself in case of an emergency, we always make sure we have at least a basic travel insurance coverage. Online application/approval available 24/7 for most of the insurance companies, save out the trouble from going down personally. Remember to print out a copy of insurance certificate to carry with you along the trip.

AXA Smart Traveller
SmartTraveller has been enhanced to give travellers
even greater peace of mind with their comprehensive benefits.

NTUC income Travel Insurance
For our Australia trip, we purchased NTUC travel
insurance at a discount price of SGD46 per person.



May consider mid season to visit Victoria and South Australia. Most of the time we just wake-in to the hotel/motel without any advance booking (except in Melbourne City). But still, it is recommended to book your accommodation in advance to avoid any disappointment, especially during the peak season.

Fortunately, I have booked my room in Melbourne for first two nights through Internet a week before, the “no vacancy” sign was never removed from the hotel main door since my first step into there!

Hotel Booking
One of the website that we always used for booking and
price comparation.

Asia Room
Instant Confirmation – ideal for booking last minute hotels


Car Rental/GPS Maps

I have picked up my rented car in Melbourne Downtown Franklin Street, located about 10 minutes walking distance away from my accommodation in CBD area. I paid about AUD420 in total for a week of rental inclusive of pre-purchased of fuel which cost around AUD70 ++.

Please ensure all the terms before booking, some of the rental company will charge you extra if you have exceeded the “usable” mileage! Some of the comapny giving you with unlimited mileage, just like the one I have rented.

Bargain Wheels
Compare the price with different car groups/type. You can find
all the major car rental in Australia from this website.


GPS can be rented from car hire/rental company with an extra cost (about AUD10 per day). I felt it is not worth to rent, nowaday you can easily get a good GPS at less than SGD200, a week of GPS rental will cost me AUD70, better to top up a little bit more and I can own one too.

Normally GPS sold in Singapore is pre-loaded with Singapore & Malaysia map only, I have found a good and nice map seller who selling me the Australia maps at cheap price, if you are in Singapore now and looking for Australia Maps for Garmin GPS unit, you can drop me a message, tested and proven the maps work perfectly, thumbs up!


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