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Malaysia- Paintball Kulai

Paintballs Event

Had a nice paintball event together with a group of my friends… Overall rating for the paintball field in Kulai (WGOS, Johor Malaysia) is 4 out of 5. Their services were good compared to JB paintball, they cleaned and dried up the masks for us before starting each of every games…

The only disappointment was the meal that was included in our package, some of us felt it was over-charged. One more thing I have to highlight is they only have toilet for us to change but no shower facility… Anyway it just a small issues and we had given our feedback, hopefully there will be different next round when we are here again… Definitely we will be meeting in this field soon ~ Soldiers in action — Let’s shoot!!!

World Games Outdoor Sport (WGOS)

The newly opened Paintball field in my hometown – KulaiJaya (Johor).

Kulai town (KulaiJaya) is 29 km from Johor Bahru city and 8 km from Skudai.


~ by Google map

Group package RM85 per person:~
• 200 paintballs per pax
• buffet lunch provided (Halal)
• Included equipment rental such as paintball marker, vest & safety mask.

Additional paintballs can be purchased at (non-member):-
1st box – RM300
2nd box – RM280
From 3rd box onwards – RM260 per box

** 2000 paintballs per box

WGOS Contact
Mr. Sam
H/P: +6012-772 2087 OR +6012-797 5088

The Soldiers










Chong's wife






Second link toll fees (as per 2009)

Passenger Cars
Tuas check point ~ SGD$4.60
Tanjung Kupang toll plaza ~ RM10.80
Lima Kedai toll plaza ~ RM3.90
Kulai toll plaza ~ RM1.40

Tuas check point ~ SGD$0.70
Tanjung Kupang toll plaza ~ RM1.60
Lima Kedai toll plaza ~ Free
Kulai toll plaza ~ Free

Note: Singapore dollar is also accepted at all Second Link toll plaza but at the rate of 1:1 (i.e. Pay S$1.00 for RM1.00).

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  1. 1 Jeff on January 20, 2012 4:56 am

    Kulai toll now renamed to Kulaijaya. Understand the paintball field now opened on weekend only. Please call to confirm before heading down.

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