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Trip to South Korea (Day 5) – MT SORAK

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Winter Romance (DAY-5, 17th Jan)


The mountain view in front of the Resort that we stayed near Mount Sorak.

Seoraksan National Park

The mountain was named Seorak because the snow would not melt for a long time keeping the rocks in a permanent state of white. Seoraksan is the third highest mountain in South Korea.

Once you arrive at Daecheongpong (The highest peak) you can view the magnificent mountain range. The sunrise viewed from here is spectacular and should not be missed.

Sinheungsa Temple

Sinheungsa is located in Seoraksan National Park, and many tourists hiking Seoraksan up to Ulsanbawi (peak) pass by the temple on the way. The Great Unification Buddha, a 14.6-meter/48-foot, 108 ton gilt-bronze Buddha statue, called “Tongil Daebul”, sits atop a 4.3-meter/15-foot high lotus pedestal.

Outdoor Activities ~ ATV-All Terrain Vehicle

Snow ATV game, winter ATV riding can be just as much fun as a summer day. We really enjoy in the snow!

Some snow activities other than ATV ride was snow sledding! Separate slopes for children and adults, large sized tube sleds provided as well.

Winter skiing gear rental shops can be found along the road side while you are on the way to Phoenix park ski resort. We collected our jackets, pants, goggles and gloves here, the rental fees for the gears was included in our package.

Note: some of the tour doesn’t include skiing equipment rental fees, so please check with your tour agency before confirming your tour booking. Equipment rental fees easily can cost more than hundred bucks.


Hot Spring

After checked in to our room at Phoenix Park Ski Resort, we went to their large and new indoor hot spring pools, wow… it was really fun and relaxing.

 Dinner after the hot spring bath

Feel relax after the hot spring bath, we had a good sleep throughout the night. The picture below was the room we stayed and the lobby of Phoenix Ville Youth Hostel.


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