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Travel in South Korea (Day 3) – Jeju Island

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Winter Romance (DAY-3, 15th Jan)

Phoenix Island Resort
Nice morning view of Phoenix Island Resort

Breakfast in the resort, an international meal with Kimchi!

Adds Information Phoenix Island Resort official website

Sunrise Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong)

With full charged of energy and our stomach filled, is time to do some morning exercise. Seongsan Ilchulbong or Sunrise Peak in English, formed by hydro-volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. It is located at eastern shore of Jeju Island, nicknamed so because the sunrise is such a spectacular sight to see from the top of the peak.

Beside that, here you can enjoy the women divers show if you come in the afternoon 1330hrs / 1530hrs.

didn’t realized until I saw this picture from the web… Wow! beautiful!



Orange Farm

Enjoy a fun pick our own fresh mandarin oranges ripened on the tree…

Lunch at nearby restaurant ~ Korean BBQ

Hueree Natural Park

After lunch we proceed to the Hueree Natural Park where we experienced with feeding some of the animals like rabbits, pig, goat, and squirrel. Not forgetting those who loves flower, many species are available for viewing.

During the winter season (late October) at Tangerine Orchard, you can pick your own tangerine and eat it.

Adds Information Hueree Natural Park official website


Mysterious Road

Mysterious Road In Korea, Jeju Island. Vehicles, or anything, rolls up the slope instead of down… Even with the bus engine off, it is still able to move uphill along this famous Mysterious Road.

Some says (I’ve found from the web): “Apparently, this is because there is a defect in the road. The workers had measured the steepness of the slope on the mountain wrongly, resulting in a mistake. In a story, this road is found out as a man had parked his car at the bottom of the slope, only to find it at the top come morning. He went into a mental hospital when nobody believed him that there were ‘ghosts’ over there. the police also had no leads. After his death, his wife brought the police to check one more time, and found out about this mysterious quality about the road.”

Location : Mystery road (Nohyeong-dong, Jeju-si)

Vehicle moving uphill with engine off!
A food stall beside the road selling some Korean snacks


Dragon Head Rock – Yongduam

A lava formation that looks like a roaring dragon rising from the sea into the sky, hence its name.

Can you see it? A dragon head facing the sea with his mouth open…
hai nu – the fisher “ladies”
a group of hai nu station near the Dragon head rock selling the seafood they have caught

Next stop – seafood dinner before returning back to our resort.

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