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Travel in South Korea (Day 1 & 2) – Seoul & Jeju Island

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Winter Romance (DAY-1 & 2, 13th-14th Jan)

Our long waited trip has finally arrived! I won’t say that it was the best vacation we ever had, but we certainly had an unforgettable experience during the 8 days in South Korea. The itinerary included Seoul and Jeju Island.

We flew on Korea Airlines, economy class from Singapore to Seoul. We both were totally exhausted after the 6 hours flight, sits are not as comfort as our bed but much better than budget airlines…

P/S: How to know there is a promotion from the Airline? Always do research before you decide which to go for, Search for a Cheap Flight and subscribe to their news letter is one of the best way to get the first-hand information!

We headed to Changi Airport slight early at around 1900hrs (Singapore time). To save our pocket, MRT definitely is the right choice…


Having dinner at Popeyes Chicken (Terminal 1) and shop around after checked-in our baggage, since we still have couple of hours before our flight to Incheon International Airport, Seoul.


2230hrs (Singapore time): Onboard Korea Airline

Korea is 1 hour ahead of Singapore, we should be arriving Seoul at around 0530hrs (Korea time) Flight duration about 6 hours with maximum speed at 1000km/hour ++!… Wow!!

Korean Airline serves free cocktails on the plane even free wine with a main course. Huh! this is our breakfast “Bibin Bak” (Korea famous cuisine) Watched movie show along the flight, felt excited as we are getting nearer and nearer to our destination. Take note on our speed ~ 1040 km/h!

Day 2

0530hrs (Korea time): Incheon international airport

We are landed with full of excitement, forgotten the tiredness even with less than 2-3 hours nap during the flight.

Incheon international airport is the largest airport in South Korea, and one of the largest and busiest in Asia. Since 2006, it has been consecutively rated as one of the best airports in the world and received the full 5-star ranking by Skytrax, the prestigious recognition shared only by Hong Kong International Airport and Singapore Changi Airport.

The airport opened for business in early 2001, replacing the older Gimpo International Airport.

Rent a phone counter can be found in Incheon International Airport. Note: only 3G mobile phone can be used in Korea.
Outdoor temperature is about -4 degree C, but no worries we were well equipped… 🙂
Freshen with a cup of coffee bought from Ministop @ $2500 WON.

0730AM : Transfer to Gimpo Airport (about 1 hour journey)

We got to transfer to domestic airline to our first destination Jeju Island – The Honeymoon Island of Dreams & Fantasy. Gimpo airport currently serves only domestic destinations plus shuttle flights to Japan and some other places in China.

Along the bus ride to Gimpo airport, we seen this beautiful sun rise
Gimpo airport
while awaiting for our flight…


Jeju Island

Upon arrival in Jeju island, our first activity was Jet boat adventure ride. The place located 20 minutes away from Gimpo airport and I was sitting in the back of bus. Suffering with motion sickness after the Jet boat ride, feel giddy and nausea. Aarrgh~! This is what usually I don’t… Luckily I had prepared a medical pack before the trip (what I always do for my travelling). Moved to the front sit and I recovered after some rest.

After the ride we are headed for our lunch at a restaurant nearby, yoyo… Kimchi~!


Miniature Theme Park

Next, we headed to Miniature Theme Park ~ the place with many replicas of famous sites based on the famous ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. Yeah! this is the place we experience snowing for the first time.

Snowing! Everyone running to the shelter except us :-p


Teddy Bear Museum

After, we headed towards Teddy Bear Museum ~ here exhibits everything about teddy bears of various countries, times & themes, which have been loved worldwide for 100 years.

Take note the Teddy Bear on the right, the world’s most expensive Teddy Bear. Styled by Louis Vuitton. Worth around 2 billion WONs (more than SGD$200,000)


Phoenix Island Resort

Accommodation for our first 2 nights in Jeju Island is Phoenix Island Resort. The room is ~~ WOW!

Night View of Phoenix Island from our room


Phoenix Island Resort official website
Phoenix Island is an ocean resort complex combining
architectural beauty and magnificent seaside scenery

Search for a hotel at Jeju island



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