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Taiwan Free and Easy (Day 8)

Day 8 (15 Apr, Tuesday) ~ Taipei, 22°C Rain



Airport Transfer: Request hotel staff help us to book for Free-Go bus to C.K.S International Airport (Terminal 1). Pay to hotel and they will issue you with bus ticket. NTD$140/person (no extra charges)

0915hrs: Breakfast at “JSP 甲尚宝小吃店” ~ Ximen Hanzhong St, 西门漢中街

Revisit them again, we found their food are quite nice and special… see Day 6

JSP local restaurant 甲尚宝小吃店
Tuna fish egg sandwich (鲔鱼蛋饼) very delicious NTD$30


0945hrs: Bitan 碧潭

MRT to Xindian Station 新店站 (about 20-25mins journey, NTD$35/pax)

Bitan 碧潭 also know as Green Lake Scenic Area, located along the Xindian River, cliff-sheltered lake Green Lake is one of the best-know scenic spots in the southern Taipei area. Beside the green water of the lake, the sightseeing attractions here include rowboats and the landscaped airmen’s memorial statue.

From Xindian Station exit 新店站 turn to your left and walk about 5 mins to Bitan 碧潭. We were unlucky, the tourist area still under construction at the moment we visit.

Meat noodle 肉挫面 – NTD$50
Bitan bridge
  Nice sceneries at Bitan
Bitan tourist area (left side) still under construction

Click here to Map of Xindian Station 新店站地图

Wulai Special Scenic District 乌来

Wulai (乌来) means steam gushing from hot spring in Taiyal language. This illustrates that the rise of Wulai’s tourism industry due to the natural resources of hot springs. Wulai has been developed into commercial area, hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops stand in great numbers, symbolizing a modern tourist spot.

Outside of MRT Xindian station (新店站) take Xindian bus (新店客运) (about 30mins trip, bus comes every 20mins interval) cost NTD$40/person. On the bus ride, the view better on the right side seats. The bus should bring you to Wulai bus terminal, you will have to walk to Wulai “Old Street” 老街 (about 10mins from Wulai bus terminal)

You should able to see the sign indicating direction to Wulai Waterfall by taking a Trolley Train, travel by train takes about 5 – 10mins. Alternatively, you could walk or take cab.

We stay Wulai about half a day, because we not going for hot spring… If you come here next time and you will need longer if you planed to have a hot spring here.


新店客运 Wulai – Xindian – Taipei Main Station route
Xindian bus (新店客运) @ Wulai bus terminal

Some shops and restaurants at wulai old street

Trolley train to Wulai waterfall NTD$50/trip from Wulai station (乌来站) to waterfall station (瀑布站) is about 1.6km…
Waterfall at Wulai
Cable car to the top hill

Click here to Wulai Special Scenic District 乌来


On the way back from Xindian (新店), you can stop by Gongguan (公馆) Market at the Gongguan MRT station (公馆站) – exit 3

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