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Taiwan Free and Easy (Day 5)

Day 5 (12 Apr, Saturday) ~ Taipei, 23°C Cloudy

Having our breakfast at Ximending area


0930hrs: MRT to Danshui station 淡水站
Approx 20-25mins trip, cost NTD$40/pax

Danshui tourist area located along the water side (Danshui Ferry “Blue Highway” 渡船头“蓝色公路”), lots of food stalls and shops there… at first we went to the wrong direction (across the road) to their wet market…

Wet market somewhere near to the Danshui MRT station Danshui old street 老街 ~ iron eggs “ah po tie dan” 铁蛋 NTD$100/pack and fish crackers 鱼酥 NTD$50/pack.
You must try the sweet potato / yam coated with sugar the locals call it “地瓜/芋头拔丝” very delicious… NTD$25
30cm Ice-cream ~ NTD$10
Deep fried tofu that have been stuffed with crystal noodles – Ah Gei 啊給
Gongming st. night market
Ferry ticket counter at Danshui

Yurenmatou 渔人码头 opposite Danshui 淡水 take ferry about 15minutes, we bought ferry ticket to Yurenmatou NTD$100/pax (2 ways)

There are few ticket counters along the Danshui tourist area.


Ferry to Yurenmatou
Yurenmatou ~ Lover bridge 情人桥

Click here to Map of Danshui 淡水地图


1600hrs: Beitou Hotspring Museum 北投温泉博物馆 (Monday CLOSED, operating hours: 0800-1700hrs)

From Beitou MRT station 北投站 transfer to Xinbeitou station 新北投站

About 5-10mins walking distance from Xinbeitou station (tourist information counter near to the exit of the MRT station)

Xinbeitou MRT Station 新北投站
Beitou Hotspring Museum 北投温泉博物馆 ~ we spent about 25mins here
温泉河 Hotspring water about 35 – 80°C
千禧汤 Public hotspring ~ adult NTD$40, children NTD$20

Click here to Map of Xinbeitou 新北投地图

On the way back we stopped at Jiantan 剑潭 – MRT Jiantan Station
Not going to Miramar (美丽花) think almost the same like Kaohsiung Dream mall (梦时代购物中心) ~ Day3
(Ferris wheel on the shopping mall 摩天轮)

Tips:~ from MRT station exit right, there is shuttle bus service to Miramar 美丽花 and back to Jiantan station 剑潭


Shilin 士林夜市
Located opposite Jiantan station 剑潭, lot of locals heading that direction so just follow the crowd, and the place are quite easy to find.

Famous Haoda chicken cutlet 豪大鸡排
Toast ~ “Coffin wood” 棺材板
Shilin food market vegetarian’s street
Ear candling on the road side 耳烛
Super crowded on weekend, we prefer less crowd so retreated earlier and plan to revisit again before heading back to Singapore.

Click here to Map of Jiantan 剑潭地图

Back to hotel, tomorrow going Yeliu & Keelung…


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