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Taiwan Free and Easy (Day 3)

Day 3 (10 Apr, Thursday) ~ Kaohsiung, 29°C Sunny

We got to slow down our plan today as Jasz was not feeling well, initially we suspect the stinking beancurd last night, but for me got no any symptom…

Take cab from hotel to buy some medicine at Liuho 2 road (street of Liuho Night Market). The sensei found out is because of gastric pain… All the while Jasz have no gastric problem, even though we got so much doubt, but no choice have to try out the medicines.

Yuandong pharmacy at Liuho 2 road

Cancelled our Kenting trip and decided to stay at Kaohsiung city instead…

Some information for Kenting national park 墾丁国家公园:~

Kenting national park operating hour: 0800 to 1730hrs.

Take Guoguang bus from Guoguang bus interchange (beside Kaohsiung main station) around 2hrs trip.
(Ask bus driver to tell you where to alight for bus transfer)
(Guoguang bus service 国光客运 to Kenting 24hrs service) Tel: 886-7-2355120

Transfer bus to Kenting about 30mins

Bus route: Kaohsiung –> Hengchun –> Kenting (高雄 –> 恒春 –> 墾丁)

Another alternative getting to Kenting: by cab at TWD$700++/head (Taxi driver will gather 4 persons to set off)

Click here to Kenting National Park 墾丁国家公园


We did not move out from this “Nice” hotel, due to the situation…

After some rest and medicines, Jasz getting better and we headed to our next destination – Dream mall…

MRT to Kaixuan station 凯旋站(R6)
About 10 mins journey, cost TWD$25/pack

Free shuttle bus service provided outside of MRT station (5mins journey) to Dream mall – Meng shi dai 梦时代

(Ferris wheel on top of the shopping mall) ~ cost TWD$100/pack

Ferries wheel at dream mall 梦时代

We were hungry~~ foodcourt (basement 2) Jasz ordered a soup noodle and I tried the “3 cups chicken” meal 三杯鸡 (from a hakka food stall) honestly the food just so so….

Lunch at Dream mall

Click here to Kaohsiung Dream Mall 高雄梦时代

1600hrs: Back to hotel for a short rest as I am quite worried about Jasz…

1800hrs: Nanhua night market 南华夜市 (opposite Liuho 2 road)

Bought this mask ~~ for fun (TWD$50 for 2)
Scooter helmet TWD$200 ~ my collection



Shopping at around Jianguo 2 road 建国二路 and back to hotel. Tonight we both was so tired, Jasz retreated to bed after some medication.

Next day plan ~ back to Taipei – Wu fen pu 五分铺.

Kaohsiung Station 高雄车站 ~ infront of Jianguo 2 road 建国二路

Click here for Map of Kaohsiung Main Station (高雄车站) & 2 road (建国二路)


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