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Northern Thailand Chiang Mai – Loy Krathong Festival
What make our trip unforgettable was the nice scenic view, the friendly people and the foods especially the steamboat meal that we had beside the river together with our local’s friend Peng’s family! I would say this is a pretty successful trip in Chiang Mai! Read more
Dirt Bike at Pengerang, Johor, Malaysia
Besides the cheap and good Seafood, the reason why Pengerang is so famous for the locals and Singaporeans partly because of the sports that can be found in this small town in Johor, Malaysia – The Dirt-Biking adventures! Read more
South Korea
Can’t recall how many times we went down to Chinatown within a month to look for an ideal place with good deal for our next trip, after much contemplating, we decided to settle for our second honeymoon in Korea to experience the winter atmosphere… Read more
Taiwan Free & Easy 台湾自由行
We were looking for Free-Go bus from Taoyuan International Airport to our pre-booked hotel (Ta Shun hotel 大顺饭店) in Ximending 西门町, according to the information I found from forums, Free-Go bus counter should be at our right hand side once we exit airport, but actually it was located at left hand side instead… Read more            
Indonesia Bali
We are back from our sweltering hot trip to Bali. Things that made this trip great were the sceneries, the rich Bali culture, the huge wave of Kuta and many more. We had a great time visiting places and doing all sorts of adventure stuff like river rafting, surfing and bungee jumping… Read more            
Melbourne to Adelaide (Australia)
There were a lot of fun and suprises along the Great Ocean Road, we really relax ourself and enjoyed every single moment! The trip will never be fruitful without a proper plan, check this out what we planned and what we have found to complete this precious, unforgettable holiday moments… Read more
The Kingdom of Cambodia
We made it back to Singapore, thus completed our 5 days trip to Cambodia. Covered most of the temples in Siem Reap as per our planed itinerary, get to know about the people, culture, rich and powerful history of Cambodia. I’d call it a pretty successful trip… Read more            
Melaka Trip
The long awaited trip has finally arrived, a group consisting 6 of us together with our “Ferrari” drove up to Melaka, the historical town of Malaysia. Melaka located about 245km away from Tuas checkpoint seem so near yet so far… Read more            
Thailand Phuket Trip
After checking in, we walked down to Bangla Road. The most happening street in Patong. Along Bangla road, you can find A GO GO bar, Muay Thai Stadium, Disco and lots of Pubs! A lot of ang mohs love to hang around this road…. Read more            
Malaysia Paintball
Had a nice paintball event together with a group of my friends… Overall rating for the paintball field in Kulai (WGOS) is 4 out of 5. Their services were good compared to JB paintball, they cleaned and dried up the masks for us before starting each of every games… Read more


My name is Jeff. I enjoy travelling especially with my Nikon D80 capturing the wonders of the world. I am bless with a group of buddies who enjoy travelling like I do. We always source for information and plan our itineraries to ensure splendour trip. Hope you enjoy reading our trip adventures! Feel free to contact me at: MyTripBloggies Contact Page OR email

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